China commemorates victims of Wenchuan earthquake

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For years, Li traveled in the mountains and valleys to grow tea trees and pick tea-leaves. She fell on the slippery mountain roads many times, but she never gave up. "I've lived through the Wenchuan earthquake. This is nothing compared with that," Li said.

On May 12, 508, a magnitude 8 quake hit Wenchuan of Sichuan Province, killing nearly 70,000 people and leaving nearly 18,000 missing.

"People are gradually letting go the sadness, and focus more on the future ," said Liu Ping, a villager who works as a volunteer at the memorial activity.

As the county got rebuilt, people here have been recovering from the earthquake.

Hundreds of people gathered at the earthquake site at Xuankou high school of Yingxiu county, the epicenter of the earthquake, and mourned for the victims of the earthquake and those who died saving lives.

She has been promoted from a tea-leaves picking worker to the manager of the store.

Wenchuan was rebuilt soon after the earthquake. And with the beautiful views in the area, it has even become a travel destination.

Li Jing, whose house was destroyed by the earthquake, now works at tea store in Dujiangyan city.

CHENGDU, May 12 (Xinhua) -- A memorial activity commemorating Wenchuan earthquake victims and the rescue operation was held in Yingxiu county in southwest China's Sichuan Province Saturday afternoon.

"I will never forget about the earthquake," Shen said, "But I'm also grateful that the government helped us build new houses in two years so we could move on with our lives."

Shen Wenjuan is a villager of Yuzixi village in Yingxiu county. Her house was completely ruined in the earthquake.